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NinjaKnobs - 3-dial/button Re-programmable CNC controller

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Update: PP 1.9.12 patch is available now! PP2.0 patch in development!


Avoid costly crashes and tool breakages! Like a ninja, sneak up on your part with this handy widget.  Each rotary dial acts as a pushbutton also, and is re-programmable with 23 different built-in functions.  Designed, tested, and "just works" exclusively with Tormach Inc.'s PathPilot® mills with the provided installation patch.  Easy to install patch with no manual edits.

Out of the gate, the NinjaKnobs will control Feed Override, RPM Override, and Max Velocity sliders using the dials.  Pressing down on the dial will Start Cycle, Feedhold, and Stop.

Want to control something else?  Each knob is completely re-programmable, and retains your settings even after powering down.  

Dial Functions:  Feed Override, RPM Override, Max Velocity Override, Jog Override, X Step, Y Step, Z Step

Button Functions: Cycle Start, Feed Hold, Stop, Coolant on/off, Jog/Continuous, X Zero, X DRO Focus, Y Zero, Y DRO Focus, Z Zero, Z DRO Focus, Tool Number Focus, Step .0001, Step .0010, Step .0100, Step .1000


Either hang it on a hook or mount it to the spindle, you will be able to watch AND CONTROL your "cut recipe" at all times.

What's included:

NinjaKnobs controller w/ handle and 10ft USB cord

USB flash drive with Installation and patch instructions 


Want to see the development? Check a couple of these Youtube videos: 

NinjaKnobs development 1

 NinjaKnobs development 2


Any questions, comments, or ya just want to chat please email me

*Machined portions of this product are proudly machined on Tormach PCNC 1100 S3 SER#: 2231


Please note: NinjaKnobs are not tested, sponsored, endorsed, or approved by Tormach Inc., the licensor of PathPilot® software.  Moonlight Prototype, and not Tormach Inc., is responsible for any errors or defects with or damage caused by the NinjaKnobs product.  Use of NinjaKnobs may void or limit warranties associated with your Tormach Inc. products.