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Updates Updates Updates!!!

We are up to Pathpilot® v2.2.2 already and a fresh Ninjapendant/Ninjaknobs patch is on it's way!  Please bear with me as the update frenzy slows down.  Once complete, I will post the patch here on the site.  I've displayed "Out of Stock" in the store and plan to release a new design very very soon.


Heads up guys I am waiting for a stable release of v2.4 before issuing a patch. Stay tuned.

Current patch: NinjaPendant Patch v1.5 NinjaPendant Patch v1.5 (Tested with PathPilot® v2.3.4 & v2.3.6)

Legacy patches:

NinjaPendant Patch v1.4 (Tested with Pathpilot® v2.2.2 & v2.2.4)

With all new patches please follow this Patch install video video to help with the install. If you have any issues please let me know!