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Moonlight Prototype


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Updated 6/4/20

Currently supporting PathPilot® v2.5.2 (PLEASE UPDATE BEFORE ORDERING)

-Currently 3-axis Milling is supported.  RapidTurn and Lathe software is in beta, please let me know beforehand if you have RapidTurn or Slantpro.


Ready to take control?  The NinjaPendant has been over a year in development, with several prototypes to shape the ergonomics, features, and capabilities that every pendant should have.  With a fully proportional MPG (Manual Pulse Generator) and Joystick built in, jogging and part set up will become natural.  Quick manual operations like facing a part become simple.  Directly control the Override Sliders (Feed, RPM, Max Velocity, and Jog) which allows you to keep your eye on the tool and verify your setup while running a new program.

Here is the brief feature list:

-MPG / Encoder for overrides and fine tuning

-Joystick for rapid traversing X/Y

-Z Axis Up/Down push buttons

-X Axis Select (with LED, tactile, and buzzer feedback)

-Y Axis Select (with LED, tactile, and buzzer feedback)

-Z Axis Select (with LED, tactile, and buzzer feedback)

-Origin set (Set Zero on press, or hold and divide offset by two)

-Coolant (On/Off)

-Start program

-Feedhold program

-Stop program

-Override selector switch for FEED/RPM/MAXVEL/JOG (MPG controls the sliders)


For a full feature list, please see click here Ninjapendant Interface





Please note: NinjaPendant are not tested, sponsored, endorsed, or approved by Tormach Inc., the licensor of PathPilot® software.  Moonlight Prototype, and not Tormach Inc., is responsible for any errors or defects with or damage caused by the NinjaPendant product.  Use of NinjaPendant may void or limit warranties associated with your Tormach Inc. products.